BLG Wins $825,000 for Motorcycle Accident Victim with Brain Damage

BLG founding partner Charles B. Tanksley recently obtained a settlement in the amount of $825,000.00 in a case pending in the Superior Court of Paulding County.  The case involves a 56 year-old motorcyclist injured when he was forced to lay his bike down to avoid a motorist that pulled out in front of him.

The incident was initially written up by the investigating officer as a single vehicle accident, stating that the motorcyclist simply lost control of the motorcycle and overturned in the median of State Road 120 at the intersection with Evans Mill Drive in Paulding County.

As a result of a thorough investigation by BLG, an eyewitness was identified who had been traveling immediately behind the motorcyclist.  The witness testified on video deposition that a white SUV pulled in front of the motorcycle, placing the fault with the driver of the SUV.

BLG used 911 recordings to identify the driver of the SUV.  In addition, a passenger of the SUV stated during the 911 call that “[the driver] must not have seen the cyclist and [the cyclist] was trying to avoid us when he wrecked.”

$11M Class Action Settlement Against Fortis

A Fulton County State Court Judge has given preliminary approval for the settlement of a class action lawsuit against Fortis Benefits Insurance Company (FBIC) and others.

The case alleges that FBIC improperly raised health insurance premiums based on length of time the policy was in force and medical condition of policyholders. Notice of the settlement with an opportunity to participate in the $11 million settlement will be mailed to more than 5,700 Georgians by June 14th who purchased an Upper Midwest Employer Group Individual Medical Plan (UMEG IMP) issued by Fortis Benefits Insurance Company from 1996 through July 2008.

Daniel S. Kahn, DC, brought suit in 2004 claiming that certain Georgia laws and regulations imposed limits on the amount of renewal premiums that could be charged for small group health insurance that was marketed and sold to Georgia small business owners and individuals. The trial court certified the case as a class action lawsuit in 2008 and a settlement agreement was reached after the Supreme Court of Georgia denied review of the Court of Appeals decision to affirm a Fulton County trial court’s class certification order.

The case is reported as Fortis Ins. Co. v. Kahn, 299 Ga.App. 319, 683 S.E.2d 4 (2009), cert. denied (2010).


Barnes Law Group Wins $12 Million For Georgia Small Business Owners in Premium Refunds Class Action

The case challenged the methodology used by the insurance companies to set renewal premiums for health insurance and claimed that business owners were charged too much.