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Class Action Litigation

Georgia Class Action Attorneys
When companies get it wrong, they put the safety of countless consumers in jeopardy.  When a large group of victims harmed in a similar way come together to bring a case against the same person or company, it is referred to as a "class action."  

Our lawyers have extensive experience in complex class action cases that successfully challenge inappropriate corporate behavior.

The results we've delivered speak for themselves.  In the banking and insurance class action litigation arena, our experience not only resulted in more than $300 million for thousands of consumers and policy holders, but our lawyers have actively participated in congressional hearings and testified before a state legislature to enact legislation that helped end abusive insurance and predatory lending practices.

Making It Right for Class Action Victims and Their Families
Numbers can speak volumes.  Class action lawsuits can be very powerful because they show how a negligent party's actions harmed many people.  If you're part of a class action lawsuit with hundreds of victims, our attorneys at Barnes Law Group treat you as a person - just like we treat all our clients.  We dedicate our extensive experience and superior reputation to Making It Right for you and your family.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a company's negligence and you believe you may be able to bring your claim as a class action lawsuit, please contact our legal team today for a free case evaluation.

We Are Ready to Make It Right For You
Your free case evaluation is just a few minutes away.  Contact us today so that we can Make It Right for you.  There are three simple ways you can reach our team:

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