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By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 3/9/2018
On behalf of Georgia Watch, Barnes Law Group has filed a petition to contest in court a decision of the Georgia Public Service Commission approving the continuation of the Vogtle nuclear expansion project despite a near doubling of the original budget, expansive execution risks due to a recent bankruptcy and a five-year delay of commercial operation. According to the filing, the Commission’s decision violates Georgia law and the Commission’s own rules. “In both process and outcome, the PSC unfairly tilted the scales in favor of Georgia Power’s shareholders,” says John Salter, an attorney at the Barnes Law Group who is representing Georgia Watch along with former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes.

By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 1/31/2017

On October 6, 2016 the Court held a Fairness Hearing to determine: (1) whether the Court should approve the proposed Settlement; (2) whether the Court should enter the Final Order Approving Settlement; and (3) whether the Court should approve the Distribution Plan. After considering all of the evidence, the Court ruled in favor of the military service members and their dependents and issued their Final Order Approving Settlement.


Settlement checks were issued to class members on January 6, 2017 and must be cashed prior to February 28, 2017.


After nearly 6 years of litigation, Barnes Law Group is proud to help Make It Right for these service members and their families.


By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 12/16/2015
Today, the state’s second and third largest counties filed a series of lawsuits in federal and state court against fifteen Georgia telephone service providers for failing to bill, collect, and turn over the proper 911 fees designed by state law to fund local 911 operations.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 8/31/2015
Military servicemembers won a huge victory last week when a three judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal upheld the trial court’s decision to certify a nationwide class action lawsuit against Atlanta-based vehicle title lender, Community Loans of America for violations of the Military Lending Act, which caps permissible interest rates at 36%.  BLG attorneys Roy Barnes, John Bevis and Cam Tribble represent servicemembers and their dependents in 18 states. 

The case is pending in the Columbus Division of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia 4:11-cv-00177-CDL, located just outside the gates to the Ft. Benning army base.  SSG Jason Cox, MSGT Estephan Castillo (Retired), Marine SGT Leo Tookes and US Army Dependent Alecia Lewis-Vinson have been approved by the Court to represent the interests of all servicemembers and dependents who obtained loans during the relevant time period. 

If you are an active duty servicemember or dependent in any branch of the US armed forces and obtained a vehicle title loan from Community Loans of America and its affiliates in any of the states and US territories listed below click here to join this class action and receive updates. 

By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 3/18/2015
When the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Services are protecting our country, they should not have to worry about financial frauds and schemes at home. To alleviate some of this burden, Congress passed the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), which grants certain legal protections to members of the military. Unfortunately, corporations including USAA and JPMorgan Chase have found a way to violate the SCRA law without being held accountable -- forced arbitration.

The New York Times exposed this abusive practice in a front page story that you can read below.   As you will see, this is not limited to servicemembers' rights. This could - and likely does - apply to you because forced arbitration is found in everything from cell phone contracts, to bank terms of service, to even nursing home admission forms.  Failed by Law and Courts, Troops Come Home to Repossessions,...
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 10/29/2014
Congratulations to John Salter, for your hard work and MAKING IT RIGHT. John Salter said, "Representing these brave, patient and determined women is one of the greatest privileges of my professional life. Thanks also to Roy (Barnes), for trusting me with the case, our great staff and my very able co-counsel. But especially thanks to my clients for never giving up."

Read More Here!
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 7/9/2014
ALL ELIGIBLE CLASS MEMBERS' REFUND CHECKS HAVE BEEN ISSUED.  The deadline to have cashed those checks has now passed and the claim administration for this case is now CLOSED. 
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 2/26/2014

If you received a Mirena Intrauterine Device and experienced uterine embedment, device migration, perforation, or complications from the Mirena removal, you may be eligible to participate in the MDL.  Please call us for a free and confidential case evaluation.

By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 10/24/2013
BLG attorneys Roy Barnes, John Bevis and Cameron Tribble are pleased to announce they have reached a$36,000,000 settlement with payday lending giant, Cash America International, Inc.  The settlement ends a 9 year battle (in 6 different courts) over the legality of high-interest payday loans made to more than 25,000 Georgians from October 2001 to April 2006.  A hearing for Preliminary Approval of the settlement will take place on November 4, 2013 at 9am in the State Court of Cobb County, Courtroom 4C.  For more information please visit 
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 8/19/2013

Hearing previously scheduled for August 21, 2013 has been rescheduled for two days, October 14 and 15.  The hearing before Judge Mark Anthony Scott will be on various issues, including whether this case will be granted class action certification and whether to grant Plaintiffs’ motion for partial summary judgment as to liability.

By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 12/1/2011
The State Court of Cobb County, Georgia has certified a Georgia class action lawsuit to adjudicate legal rights and obligations pertaining to payday loans that were originated, marketed or serviced by, through or on behalf of Georgia Cash America, Inc. or Cash America International, Inc. in the state of Georgia from October 9, 2001 through April 1, 2006.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 11/16/2011
Ft. Benning, Ga. (11/11/11) – Exemplifying his Infantry motto, Follow Me, United States Army Infantryman and Purple Heart recipient, SSG Jason Cox, hopes to stop predatory title loans from being made to members of the military and their dependents. Flanked by Georgia’s former Governor, Staff Sergeant Cox filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against the Atlanta-based title pawn lenders Community Loans of America, Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, Alabama Title Loans, Inc., and 900 related corporate entities operating in 22 states.

The federal court suit, filed on Veteran’s Day in Columbus, is based on the special lending protections given to active duty service members and their dependents under the Military Lending Act of 2007, a federal law that prohibits creditors from charging more than 36% APR on title and payday loans and requiring service members to give up the title to their vehicle as security of the loan. Lawmakers passed the MLA after the Pentagon reported in 2006 that “Predatory lending undermines military readiness, harms the morale of troops and their families, and adds to the cost of fielding an all-volunteer fighting force.”

By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 11/16/2011
If you are an active duty service member and had a vehicle title loan or payday loan, we may be able to help.  Click here for a free evaluation.   
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 7/1/2011
Barnes Law Group possesses particular expertise in the area of consumer fraud.  It’s the core of our practice, and our lawyers have reached multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in cases involving corporate dishonesty, predatory lending, and accounting fraud. The firm continues its mission to prosecute cases involving unscrupulous, fraudulent, and predatory consumer practices, especially those targeting the elderly, poor, and minorities as victims.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 5/19/2011
On a cool morning in September 2004, Marietta subcontractor Jack Hensley performed a daily ritual: he walked out of his house in United Arab Emirates to start the generator for he and the other subcontractors living there while they helped rebuild Iraq.  But this morning was different.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 3/30/2011
When DeKalb County School District teachers Elaine Gold and Amy Shaye needed someone to stand up for them, they turned to BLG.  BLG recently brought suit against the district in a class-action on behalf of the two career teachers.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 3/1/2011

When a promise is made to the hard-working professionals who shape the minds of the future leaders of America, it's only right to follow-through when they fulfill their end of the deal. That's not what's happening in DeKalb County Public Schools.

By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 2/27/2011
When former Georgia Governor and BLG founding partner Roy Barnes heard about the way Georgia's insurance laws were treating the recent widow of a Georgia State Trooper who was killed in the line of duty, he decided to do something about it.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 2/15/2011
BLG founding partner and former Governor Roy E. Barnes didn’t let politics stand in the way of achieving justice for slain Georgia State Trooper Chadwick LeCroy’s widow and son. 
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 8/23/2010
Today, the widow of Thomas "Brent" Stephens filed a civil lawsuit against Kenneth Paul Reda arising from Brent's death in a boating collision on Lake Allatoona on the night of April 22, 2010.  The suit was filed by Lori Stephens in the Superior Court of Paulding County.  Also named were Reda's wife, Melissa, and his father-in-law, who the suit alleges may be responsible because they may have owned the boat and permitted Reda to use it.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 8/8/2010
A Fulton County Georgia state court judge has given final approval for the settlement of a suit challenging the unlawful health insurance renewal premiums charged to more than 3,000 Georgians.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 8/1/2010
BLG founding partner Charles B. Tanksley recently obtained a settlement in the amount of $825,000.00 in a case pending in the Superior Court of Paulding County.  The case involves a 56 year-old motorcyclist injured when he was forced to lay his bike down to avoid a motorist that pulled out in front of him.

The incident was initially written up by the investigating officer as a single vehicle accident, stating that the motorcyclist simply lost control of the motorcycle and overturned in the median of State Road 120 at the intersection with Evans Mill Drive in Paulding County.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 8/1/2010
When a child is injured during the birthing process, Georgia law requires parents to bring a claim to recover the future medical expenses within two years of the negligent act, even though the child has seven years to file suit.  But what happens when you didn’t realize and weren’t told there was medical negligence surrounding the birth?
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 4/13/2010
The case challenged the methodology used by the insurance companies to set renewal premiums for health insurance and claimed that business owners were charged too much.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 11/23/2009

In a unanimous ruling, BLG scored an appellate victory for a Marietta family today when the Supreme Court of Georgia rejected claims by a mistress of a millionaire Marietta auto dealer, finding she was not entitled to receive an annuity of $7,900 a month for the rest of her life.

BLG’s legal team successfully recovered this money and property back for the estate of Harvey Strother.  Also, the Supreme Court agreed with BLG that the mistress was not entitled to other gifts including property in Florida and Cape Cod.

DOCUMENT: Majority opinion issued by the Supreme Court of Georgia

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