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By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 10/2/2015
It is time for corporations to be held accountable like the rest of us.  If you have an effected vehicle and would like to stand up against automaker fraud, please contact us today.
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 12/9/2014
By Barnes Law Group, LLC on 6/24/2013
On June 6, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requested a recall of 2.7 million Grand Cherokee (model year 1993 - 2004) and Liberty (model year 2002 - 2007) Jeeps.  The government says 51 people have suffered fiery deaths from a rear end collision because the gas tanks ARE mounted behind the rear axles AND MAY EXPLODE ON IMPACT.  Chrysler initially refused but has now agreed to recall 1.6 million of the vehicles to inspect and, if necessary, make repairs on the vehicles.  Rather than placing a steel plate over the plastic gas tank, as public interest groups like the Center for Auto Safety had called for, it will simply install a factory trailer hitch to provide some protection in the case of a low-speed, rear-end collision. As always, there is never a cost or obligation just to talk with our lawyers and case managers. There are 3 ways you can reach our team: Click the Live Chat button or Submit an Email to us. And of course, you may call us at 770.Barnes.Law (770-227-6375). ...
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